Tears of Joy Emoji Ashtray


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For many people, keeping a clean home is a top priority. One of the accessories that will help you keep your home clean is an ashtray. You can keep your home clean by collecting smoker’s ash in it. This fun tears of joy emoji ashtray not only functions to it’s need but it adds a very beautiful and fun way to keep an ashtray surely to please your occasional guests. This ashtray with a smiley face crying emoji can be used in restaurants and bars as well for fun.

The size of this tears of joy ashtray is 4 by 4 inches, making it easy to carry. This yellow emoji ashtray is made of polyresin, which resists heat and is highly durable. Because of its unique shape and beautiful design, the laughing and crying emoji ashtray even attracts the attention of non-smokers to place it in their homes.



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