Poop Emoji Rainbow Pillow (12 in)


Emoji style rainbow colored emoji pillow

(22 customer reviews)

Do you want to give an eye-catching look to your bed or sofa? Why not get the Poop Emoji Rainbow Pillow? The Poop Emoji Rainbow Pillow is a cute poop-shaped sofa pillow cushion that is not only soft and comfortable but durable as well. Not only the filling of the cushion is of high-quality, but its outer covering is also stitched in a beautiful way. The Poop Emoji Rainbow Pillow is made up of high-quality cotton, offers great hand-filling and no odors. This pillow or cushion can be used as a lap, back, or head pillow. You can put it anywhere you want, in your bedroom, living room, or any other place you want. You can use it for TV watching or bed reading.

The Poop Emoji cool-looking pillow or cushion comes in nice packaging, which makes it a perfect gift for your friends or family, or even kids. Plus, it also offers a great Christmas, Easter, or birthday basket idea!

+ Size: 12 inches
+ The cushion is soft and comfortable
+ The Poop Emoji Rainbow Pillow looks super cool and unique
+ Made up of premium-quality cotton material
+ Offers a perfect addition to your bed
+ A perfect option for birthday or Christmas gift



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