Poop Emoji Toilet Plunger


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If you want something different and better, something you will not be embarrassed to leave out, then get this Poop Emoji Toilet Plunger. The ideal product for gifting friends or for having something interesting and attractive in your bathroom. It will certainly leave a nice impression on all your friends that visit your home.

Made of pure rubber, this emoji poop toilet plunger has a very strong handle made of heavy-duty plastic that will never snap or break. The extra-durable suction cup part of the poop emoji plunger perfectly fits all sizes and types of toilet drain openings, creating an ultra-strong seal from all angles.

The design of this poop emoji designed plunger has been inspired by the most popular Emoji and will certainly leave a long-lasting impression on everyone who sees it. Trips to the bathroom will bring a smile to people`s faces when they see this unique plunger.


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