Pizza Emoji Bandages (24 ct)


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No one likes getting cut, especially kids. With the Pizza Emoji Bandages (24 ct), you can help your little ones get over their boo-boos sooner with fun bandages to keep their wounds covered. These bandages are made to look like slices of pizza including pepperoni, veggies and cheese and are even in the shape of a slice of pizza instead of in a rectangle like most bandages. These bandages measure 1.8 inches by 1.2 inches and are well-suited for most small cuts, including on the fingers and hands.

These Pizza Emoji Bandages (24 ct) are long-lasting and durable, so they will stay in place until you’re ready to replace them with clean bandages. They are also quite breathable and sterile, which will help the wound heal faster. Their flexible nature also makes the pizza emoticon bandages capable of withstanding long periods of wear without coming off. The pizza emoji bandages are available in a pack of 24 that is easy to store in first aid kits.


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