Tears of Joy Emoji Plush Pillow


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This is the digital age, and so the gifts you give to your kids must align with that feeling. The question is – What gift to choose? Favorably, we have the solution to it in the name of Tears of Joy Designed Emoji Round Cushion Pillow.

Tears of Joy Emoji? Do you mean WhatsApp kind of emoji? Precisely! Kids love emoji pillows, for it brings out the feel that they keep on experiencing on the digital media. The bright color and soothing surface make this Tears of Joy plush pillow a go-to for them to relax with.

Not to forget, this Round Tears of Joy Cushion Pillow adds to the decorative aspect of your house, thus, giving your more than one reason to buy it.

A little about the item:

  • Fabric Type – 100% polyester
  • Material – 100% Poly Propylene (PP)
  • Diameter – 12.5″
  • Great for – Birthday Gifts / Holiday Gifts / Interior Deco


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