Emojipals Emoji Night Lamp


Big Mo’s Toys night light with glitter perfect for all boy and girl kids

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Ready to make your kid’s room bright and full of positive vibes? The Emojipals Stick Lamp is here to help you out! This funny, bright yellow lamp comes with an outer display of digital emojis that children love. The lamp is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to transport. The funny emojis displayed on the stick lamp will brighten your children’s day. Whether it is for doing homework or reading a story at bedtime, your children will love the bright yellow stick lamp in their room embedded with funny emoji graphics.

The light stick lamp comes with a pull-chain that best matches the theme. Simply pull the chain and watch the emojis glow. No hassle of hard-to-reach buttons, instead a small chain hangs below the lamp, making it easy to turn on and off. The Emojipals Stick Lamp uses a 40-watt bulb that is not included in the original package. The best part is that the lamp comes fully assembled and requires no extra effort to install in the room. The 20 inches tall stick lamp is all you need to make your children’s room full of brightness and positivity!



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