Emoji Glitter Night Light Lamp


Size: 13″ tall

(22 customer reviews)

The perfect gift for the emoji fan in your life – this light-up lamp is as pretty as they come! This lamp is the perfect way to create a relaxing and calming space. Simply turn it on, plug it in, and let the calming colors and aromatherapy set your mind at ease. Turn any room into a relaxing sanctuary. You and your kids will be feeling blissfully calm and happy in no time. Soft lighting will tell your kids when it’s time to get get ready to get tucked in and into bed. This emoji night lamp can help kids sleep better by getting them a calming night light. It’s perfect to even have this glitter emoji light=up lamp by your couch or by the bedside reading a book under a cozy blanket. The glittery design of the Emoji Light-up Lamp brings a special touch that will remind yourself and the kids to take a break, relax, and smile. Light up your night with this beautiful lamp that creates a calming atmosphere with its various emoticon glitters. Smiles are the best medicine!



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