Emoji Bandages (20 ct)


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When your kid encounters an injury, you will come across the need to use bandages. However, it will not be possible for you to get your kid convinced to use ordinary bandages. Instead, you should think about getting kid-friendly bandages. This is where the emoji bandages would come into play. You can get a pack of bandages, which are designed with emojis. Different bandages have different designs with emojis. You will be able to get your kid to wear these bandages without going through any struggles.

All these bandages are super sticky. Hence, they will not fall out after some time. Due to the same reason, you kid might even get obsessed with the bandages. However, these bandages are not designed only for kids, but adults can think about using them as well. These emoji bandages will not serve their purpose as bandages but can also impress anyone with the good looks.


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