Brush Buddies Emoji Toothbrush (2 Pack)


2 pack manual toothbrushes
Soft bristles

(22 customer reviews)

Sick of using boring plain toothbrushes? Start your day with a big bright smile with this quality Emoji Toothbrush designed with an emoji printed handle. With this very unique design, you can’t go wrong with this awesome new addition to any bathroom. Get ready for the best morning routine ever. Kids love it and it makes them want to brush their teeth while having fun. One of the only toothbrushes on the market with an this type emoji design. The Brush Buddies Emoji Toothbrush features a variety of different emoji faces and facial expressions that is great to match the mood and style for the entire family. Maybe you want to brighten someone’s day, or maybe you want to make brushing teeth fun again. Whatever it is, this is a great way to add in that flair and fun to brushing your teeth.


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