100 Emoji Pillow


100% Polyester
Size: 12″ x 15

(22 customer reviews)

This red and white, soft and comfy plush pillow featuring the 100 emoji design is cute yet great at same time. Made up of 100% polyester, this soft pillow is so comfy and cozy. The 100 designed emoji pillow featuring the 100 design is great for kids, teens and adults. It is so soft and furry plus the red and white 100 emoji pillow is easy to wash, making this decorative pillow great for relaxing. It can be placed in multiple areas including the living room, kids room, bedroom etc.

Enjoy reading your favorite book or watch movie while relaxing on this cozy funny 100 emoji pillow. This super cute 100 pillow cushion is kids as well as adults favorite and a great gift idea for birthdays.

• Super soft and cozy
• 100% Polyester
• Best for kids 3+years and above
• Spot clean for easy care
• Great gift idea



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