Uno Emoji Playing Cards


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Here’s for a more entertaining twist for the world’s most beloved family game that will surely double the fun and enjoyment. This new UNO Emoji card game set features fun emoji icons and symbols. And the fun doesn’t end there, the Emoji card game set comes with a special rule that requires players to imitate the Emoji faces.

Just like the regular UNO game, players will race each other in playing all cards in their hand.

Players are given seven cards each at the beginning of the game. Remaining cards are placed in a “draw” pile where the top card is turned over to start a “discard” pile. You’ll want to match a card you have with the discard pile. When a player gets to play all cards, the others will count their points based on the remaining cards in their hands.

Now, this UNO Emojis game cards introduce a new type of action card. When you play it along with an Emoji expression card, the next player will have to imitate the Emoji expression shown on that card. Failing to make and hold the expression for two turns, means player will have to draw four cards.

The set comes with 112 cards and the game instructions. Great for 2 to 10 players, ages 7 and up. So, get your own set of this new UNO Emoji playing cards and enjoy hours of amusement with your family.


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