Tears of Joy (2-in-1) Emoji 3D Foam Puzzle


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Are you looking for a special gift for your child this birthday? An interactive 3D Emoji Puzzle with waterworks will become your child new love. The 3D puzzle is made of foam, and it is proven as a fun activity for kids to create their laughing Emoji.

The tears of joy and laughing Emoji model is nine and a half inches tall, and it stands on its water puddle stand. The puzzle includes one-hundred-and-one pieces. We can rate the complexity level to 4 for kids. It means that you can enjoy this 3D tears of joy emoji puzzle with precise touch and enjoy the assembling period.

The assembly time of the 3D emoji puzzle, according to its complexity, is from 90-120 mins. The design of Emoji 3D waterworks Emoji is a Janus-like drawing design of tear flowing from joy and sadness. The tears of joy emoji puzzle looks quite attractive and fun. It is an ideal gift for children who love Emoticons, Emoji and puzzle. You can surprise your children up to eight years with the interactive 3D puzzle.



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