Poop “Sticky the Emoji” Stikball


(23 customer reviews)

This Poop Sticky the Emoji Stikball is total fun. These sticky and sweet Poo β€œsticky the emoji” stik ball is moldable and has a sticky outer side. So, grip this sticky poop emoji and mold it into any shape, and then throw. These Sticky the Emoji stikball can stick to most surfaces easily. This stikball features poop emoji is basically a stress buster ball.
This squishable Poop sticky the emoji Stickball is a super soft and moldable plaything. It stocks to walls, tables, and any flat surface. So, it can be used over a desk in the office or at home to relieve stress, throw and make fun. It is washable so if you see it dirty, just wash it with water and you can use it again and again.


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