Poop Emoji Coloring Book


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The poop emoji is surprisingly anything but disgusting. We know it signifies anything from a bad smell, bad taste, a bad attitude and even failure or simply just to state the obvious. Strangely enough, the internet fell in love with its cuteness and even earned it a major part in a movie, played none other than the great Sir Patrick Stewart. The poop emoji is so cute that it now even has its own Poop Emoji Coloring Book, so stock up on some brown crayons and get ready.

Find relaxation and mindfulness by coloring the stress away with the Poop Emoji Coloring Book. We can’t say it’s colorful unless you start filling in the lines, but it will certainly be a fun experience for you and/or the lucky person who gets it as a presentβ€”from you. Coloring all 66 pages of this coloring book should be a fun and releasing experience for anyone who wishes to relieve their minds of stress and for kids, provide some snickers, giggles and laughter.

The Poop Emoji Coloring Book features your favorite poop emoji in various sceneries and situations from simple to abstract. It also features 64 large, bond paper size pages with an appealing, colorful soft matte cover. If your mind is feeling poopy, this one’s for you.


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