Pizza Emoji Squishy Stress Relief Toy


(23 customer reviews)

This brand new stress relief toy is loved by people because of its cute look and soft and squishy scented material. The materials of which the pizza emoji toy is made are non-toxic, so you can enjoy this toy without worries. The main material for this pizza emoji toy is polyurethane and it is a good gift for children of both genders and of any age. It smells nice and relaxes those who play with it.

This pizza squishy relief toy is ideal for children that want to learn more about food while playing creatively and imaginatively. They will certainly be surprised if you purchase this product as you will receive it in a nice package, so you can give it as a gift right away. The emoji pizza squishy toy can be used as a stress relief toy, but also as interior decoration, simulation toy, hand pillow, or for finger rehabilitation training.

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