Pizza Shaped Deck of Playing Cards


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Say ‘Goodbye’ to boring old playing cards with Pizza Shaped Playing Cards! Tired of playing cards that are too similar to each other? Add some pizzazz to your game with our unique design. These pizza-shaped deck of cards for all ages is sure to be a hit at your next game night, party, gathering, or just some family fun. The cards might look appetizing but make sure to refrain from nibbling on them. The pizza-shaped playing cards come with the original count of 52 cards and 2 jokers. Finally, a deck of cards with a ‘delicious taste’! The Pizza Shaped Deck includes the best toppings for your pizza, including pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and more. Whether you’re playing poker or old maid, these cards will be sure to please. Deck of cards that’s shaped like a delicious, cheesy pepperoni pizza. What’s not to love?


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