Pizza Shaped Deck of Playing Cards


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Say ‘Goodbye’ to boring old playing cards with Pizza Shaped Playing Cards! Tired of playing cards that are too similar to each other? Add some pizzazz to your game with our unique design. These pizza-shaped deck of cards for all ages is sure to be a hit at your next game night, party, gathering, or just some family fun. The cards might look appetizing but make sure to refrain from nibbling on them. The pizza-shaped playing cards come with the original count of 52 cards and 2 jokers. Finally, a deck of cards with a ‘delicious taste’! The Pizza Shaped Deck includes the best toppings for your pizza, including pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and more. Whether you’re playing poker or old maid, these cards will be sure to please. Deck of cards that’s shaped like a delicious, cheesy pepperoni pizza. What’s not to love?


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15 reviews for Pizza Shaped Deck of Playing Cards

  1. Donnie Walsh

    Who doesn’t like emoji(s)? These inflatables were a huge hit when I bought them.

  2. Betty Roberts

    I was genuinely surprised at how nice the emojis turned out.

  3. Elaine Norris

    Would totally recommend this, mostly due to its prices and free shipping.

  4. Jerry Brooks

    Exactly as described. Planning to give as gifts.

  5. Scott Garcia

    I bought this Emoji for my daughter. She collects anything emoji whether it’s poop emoji, sunglasses emoji. There was no particular occasion.

  6. Bunny Winn

    I was soo excited for my kids when I saw these on Emoji Galore

  7. Margaret Green

    higher quality than what I expected!

  8. Helen Scott

    I’m happy to say that it is still going strong.

  9. Rosanne Marin

    Best products ever and such a great price!!

  10. Stella Douglas

    These were better than expected.

  11. Victor Wilson

    This is one of the most-chosen prizes from my raffle prize box in my middle school classroom! Must reorder soon.

  12. Wayne Thomas

    This selection helps my daughter’s students immensely. Very popular in her prize box.

  13. William Allen

    This feels like it is a very quality made emoji product for me to gift to my friend.

  14. Ed Harrison

    Totally awesome is all I can say.

  15. Michael Garcia

    Just buy it.

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