How to Draw Emojis Book


50 High Quality ‘How to Draw’ Pages

(16 customer reviews)

This book will teach your kid to draw emojis, step by step! The large 8.5″x11″ pages will allow for an easy and fun learning process.
Inside you’ll find:
The most popular faces and expressions
..and much more!

Each page has 4 steps to drawing each emoji as well as a “You Try” section to practice drawing the emojis. Towards the end there are also some emojis that are more challenging to draw, that’s why this book will also be great for teens as well as adults.


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16 reviews for How to Draw Emojis Book

  1. Sharon Perez

    Bought as a gift for kid with emoji theme bedroom. Nice addition.

  2. Bernardine Wilmoth

    I purchased this item for a friend since this is her “soul emoji”.

  3. Phyllis Perry

    Kids loved them! Super fast shipping!

  4. Nicola Pollard

    I just can’t get enough of these emojis.

  5. Todd Bell

    Love it, love it!

  6. Kathleen Craig

    Very cute giveaway.

  7. Kathryn Price

    I might just keep most of this one for myself and gift later.

  8. Rose Turner

    Emojis are completely adorable!!

  9. Debra Morgan

    We really loved these! Great deal! Great products!

  10. Patrick Taylor

    Great for birthday gifts! Fast shipping.

  11. Annie Taylor

    we absolutely loved them!

  12. Deborah Butler

    ove Love Love but them. I ordered more😍😍😍😍

  13. Ernest Ramirez

    I was soo excited for my kids when I saw these on Emoji Galore

  14. Eddie Mccarthy

    they looked nice, the guests (both parents and children) loved them.

  15. Alice Parker

    This is good value and they have good customer service

  16. Stephen Perez

    My daughter is in middle school and the emoji craze hit her hard.

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