Unicorn Emoji Rainbow Slime (12 Pack)


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The introduction of any kind of slime in to most situations will bring a smile to many people’s faces but with this emoji unicorn rainbow slime is harmless and of a highly noticeable color, it will often bring a smile to all the people who see it, so keeping a bottle of this emoji unicorn rainbow slime handy will bring fun to many occasions and bring a sense of fun to people at a time when they may least expect it.

Although there have been many other types of slime available, most have been either of poor taste or poor quality meaning that instead of promoting smiles they promoted feelings of disgust or left someone with a lot of cleaning up to do. The manufacturers of this rainbow emoji slime have taken all of that into consideration to provide nothing but smiles and good, humorous taste and are leading the market in similar products with similar practical thought.



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