Emoji Stress Balls (12 Pack)


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Every one of us has to experience stress somewhere in our lives. Not only adults but kids can also go through stress, and most don’t know how to deal with it. These Emoji Stress Balls are one of the ways to overcome anxiety.

These emoji stress balls are made of PU sponges and are entirely safe to use. They don’t easily deteriorate, so that you can use them for a long time. You will get 24 squeeze balls of yellow color in a single package, each expressing a different feeling. These emoji stress balls are very lightweight. You can keep these portable along with you anywhere. Whenever you feel stress, you can use these emoji balls to calm and throw away the stress.

You can use these emoji stress balls in different ways. Hold the ball firmly in your hand and squeeze it for some time and let yourself relax. Similarly, you may also relieve the pain from your joints and muscles. So, these perfectly sized balls will fit nicely in your hand and help you remain calm whenever stressed.


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