Poop Emoji Stress Relief Toy


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No one ever said life was easy. Sometimes, it’s hard to take the day’s events in stride. Sometimes you want to scream, sometimes you want to cry, sometimes you want to just take a break. That last one is important. Stress can happen to anyone. This Poop Emoji Stress Relief Toy is the perfect solution to help relieve the tension, stress, and anxiety. The cushiony Poop Emoji Stress Relief Toy has a poop emoji on it to remind you that you’re doing whatever you’re doing, well and you’re the shit! The latest in the world of stress relief toys are these emoji designs. This toy is made with 100% quality stress relieving squishy. Relieve your stress with our new poop emoji stress relief toy. Great for both men and women, you can’t go wrong with this funny gift for coworkers, family, friends, or even yourself. We all need to take some time to relax and laugh and there’s no better way than this poop emoji stress toy.


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