Emoji Perler Beads


2 Disc Paddles, 2 Balls (One Big & One Small) & PVC Carry Bag

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The Emoji bucket of perler beads includes one plastic bucket packed with 8500 colorful beads, 2 pegboards, ironing paper, and a pattern sheet. The color beads are available in multiple colors so that you can accurately replicate any emoji you want.

The pegboard allows you to hold the emoji styled beads in place so that you can your designs take a definite shape. These pegboards are made from a high-quality plastic which ensures durability and exquisite performance for extended periods of time. The plastic storage container measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 6 and provides a smart packaging. It comes in the shape of a bucket and is perfect for storing everything included in this package.

The pattern sheet has 11 different emoji patterns that can be used as a reference. The Perler Beads Emoji Bucket offers the perfect craft for large groups. It can be really engaging in parties and play dates. Along with this, you can also have Perler Fuse Bead Tweezers so that beads can be easily picked and placed on the pegboard. This can also be a great gift for children as it helps them develop eye-hand coordination.


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