Emoji Memory Match Game


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Key Features – This colorful set of 30 2-piece emoji puzzles provides children with an excellent introduction to image recognition and words. Each durable set features a card with an expressive emoji and a card with the word that describes it. Silly, celebrate, and hot are a few of the emojis your child will enjoy matching. The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same β€” a fun way to improve language skills! Ages 3+ years.

Educational Benefits – Promotes mathematics, thinking, and learning

Supports Developmental Skills – Builds self-confidence. Promotes problem-solving. Provides hours of interactive learning fun.

Safety – All Learning Journey products are regularly safety tested and in compliance with all domestic and international toy safety regulations

Award-Winning Products – Fun fact: The Learning Journey has an extensive line of award winning educational toys that have been tested by the most important panel of judges…kids!

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