Emoji Hacky Sack Balls (6 Pack)


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Ah, emojis! We all love them! We love using them not just on social networks to express our emotions, but also in our everyday life. So, if you would like to include these amazing emoji hacky sacks in your everyday life, no matter if we are talking about using them for playing time with your children or just for having around for downtime, this package of six emojis is the thing for you! What is your favorite emoji? Is it the regular smiling face? The one who is crying out from laughing? Or maybe the cool one, with the sunglasses? Maybe you are in love at the moment so your favorite one is the one who is sending a kiss? Or maybe is the one who winks or the one who shows his stuck-out tongue? No matter which one is your favorite, you will get him in this package, because this set of hacky sack balls gives you not one, but 6 different emoji kickballs! So what are you waiting for? Go on, and get your own set of these amazing emoji styled hacky sacks, and put some smiles into your everyday life, you deserve it!


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