Eggplant Emoji Stress Ball


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Eggplant and stress relief. Who would think those terms would come together? They actually do in several ways. For people who love to eat eggplants, they can be a good comfort food. As plastic toys for parties, not much; but as a squeeze toy for stress relief? Yes. For adults, as well as kids, a good squeeze toy is always a welcome gift no matter how cheap. An eggplant stress ball would make a great gift for that stressed out vegan friend, or any friend you know who loves eggplants. Because real ones go bad when they’re squeezed and is a bit awkward.

Squeezies are a great way to relieve stress, especially for office workers sitting all day in front of their computer screens. They can be quite colorful and make great functional desk decorations for offices that have policies on clutter. When things seem to be going South, it would be nice to reach over and squeeze an eggplant without making a mess. The eggplant stress ball would make a nice addition to anyone’s desk. The presence of the vegetable alone, or its awkward funny shape is sure to elicit some stares and giggles around the office, sharing the stress relief all around.

The eggplant stress ball is made from very safe material, non-toxic, small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry in a purse or bag and take anywhere. Plus, it’s super affordable and works well as a gift for several friends.

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