Crayola Emoji Stamp Marker Maker


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Crayola Emoji Stamp Marker Maker is a great craft assembling fun activity to make your own favorite stamps. This package includes cute & funny emoji marker stamps, 3 color inks, color chart, mixing guide, mixing vial, tweezers, snapping tools and 2 customizable stamp cases.

Assemble & Create Custom market stamps: It is a fun and easy way to learn the art of color marker stamper. All you need to do pick up your favorite emoji & set up the marker housing first, mix color inks and soak the marker core in color. Then assemble marker to make stamp. Stamp is ready. Now make the creation you want and label it. Yes, it’s easy. Use color chart and mixing guide to create different colors of your choice. Kids will really enjoy the color mixing and stamping their creations. A great gift for kid’s birthdays and parties.

Features & Specifications:

  • Great kit to make own markers stamp.
  • Complete kit with 16 emoji custom color markers
  • 3 washable color inks also included
  • Cool & Fun gift for kids


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