Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book and Stickers


for kids and children

(23 customer reviews)

This Emoji Puzzle Book is a fun way for kids to solve puzzles while learning about different emotions, feelings, and opinions. With many puzzles and 200 emoji stickers these are the perfect addition to your child’s play collection. Our Emoji Puzzle Book is the perfect solution for both children and adults who are increasingly communicating in emojis. This product will have your kids laughing, smiling, and solving puzzles for hours. How can you go wrong with Emoji puzzles of your favorite emojis! A bundle of fun awaits with these emoji puzzles. The book is the perfect size to bring with you so when you’re on the go or need to kill some time with your kids this will keep them busy. Don’t let the emojis fool you – this is a puzzling experience that is truly entertaining!


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