Wink with Tongue Out Emoji Wizard Hat


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We all wear hats, but the styles are usually the customary ones. With this Wink with Tongue Out Emoji Wizard Hat, it’s a hat like no other in your wardrobe. The Wink Emoji Wizard Hat is the must-have fashion accessory for any season. The iconic emoji is placed right in the middle of the wizardry’s hat, alluding to a potential “secret” with the wink and not telling with the tongue out. Made with durable fabric and detailed Winking with the Tongue Out Emoji embroidery, this hat is perfect for not only a Halloween occasion, but can accommodate many different occasions. Whether you’re at a rave, concert, party, or masquerade ball, the winking styled emoji with the tongue out is guaranteed to make you the life of the event. Sure to fit most people’s heads, grab one for yourself to impress your family and friends with this Wink Emoji designed Wizard Hat.


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