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Emojis, the next step in the evolution of text-based emoticons, are fun little things that have brought much life to our digital culture and even inspired their own movie. They’ve even inspired and are brought to life by many fun products like pins, masks, T-shirts, bags, hats and the Black Framed Tear Laughter Face Emoticon Emoji Novelty Glasses costume accessory from Blockbuster Costumes.

The Tear Laughter Face or Face with Tears of Joy emoji symbolizes intense enjoyment or intense fun. It can also be used for joking and teasing and is one of the most used emojis on social media. This lack Framed Tear Laughter Face Emoticon Emoji Novelty Glasses costume accessory from is perfect for use as a casual Halloween costume and can go with any get-up. It can also be used for fun parties.

These affordable tears of joy emoji glasses are made from durable high-quality plastic meaning it can be used on several occasions. This accessory is basically a pair of pinhole glasses with a black frame with printed tear laughter face emoticon on the lenses. Order one for yourself or share the fun and order plenty as gifts or giveaways.


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36 reviews for Tears of Joy Emoji Glasses

  1. Matt Cobb

    It met all my expectations: low price, multiple emoji characters, one shop

  2. Donna Rodriguez

    Good quality. Mi niece and nephew loved it.

  3. Carlos James

    I gifted it to a coworker and thought about ordering one for myself.

  4. Jimmy White

    There’s a fair variety of emojis on here, but I’ve had to go with my 3 favorite to keep from spending too much

  5. Helen Miller

    The recipient loved them!

  6. Doyle Brown

    Great colors and good selection. My grandkids will enjoy them.

  7. Luis Watts

    These are great!

  8. Ronnie Herrera

    All the children loved the toys.

  9. Courtney Jefferson

    Good Product, I’m satisfied.

  10. Alonzo Bridges

    My grandson got a kick out of these.

  11. Jesus Bradley

    These emoji things on the site are so cool!

  12. Kathryn Griffin

    Emojis were perfect for intended use.

  13. Ira Martin

    My daughter is in her teens and the emoji trend hit her hard.

  14. Samuel Moore

    Good price for a good emoji product.

  15. Edward Thomas

    Quality Product. My kids loved them!

  16. Ruth Foster

    The adults loved the emoji stuff I got them just as much as the kids.

  17. Dennis Collins

    Just what we needed.

  18. Eunice Yates

    My kids are obsessed wth the Emoji Movie and love all emoticons

  19. Gilbert Carson

    These were a big hit at a recent conference.

  20. Larry Richardson

    Great quality! The kids loved them

  21. Jason Baker

    Good buy! Kids love them! Good deal!

  22. Phyllis Anderson

    Timely & no complaints.

  23. Jackie Howard

    My daughter is happy with it

  24. Alonzo Bridges

    I like the design and the size of this

  25. Terry Williams

    Did the job! Great price!

  26. Denise Torres

    They are really excellent quality.

  27. Phyllis Perry

    Product arrived promptly and met my expectations

  28. Ira Martin

    Great collection of items!

  29. Ashleigh Gorman

    These are so cute we got them for our daughter and they worked perfect.

  30. Amy Manning

    I just can’t get enough of these emojis.

  31. Mathew Hayes

    Sooooo funny. My granddaughter is a big fan of the Poop emoji and all these other ones too

  32. Tina Ross

    This was just what I had expected. Great product at a great price.

  33. Emily Garcia

    Exactly what I wanted!

  34. Jason Cook

    These were a big hit at a recent conference.

  35. Krista Phillips

    These are great!

  36. Samuel Moore

    This is my best buy ever! Love everything emoji.

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