Skull Pizza Emoji Lapel Pin


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This pizza emoji lapel pin with a skull topping is a shiny gold enamel pin with a beautiful butterfly clasp. It is packaged in a clear sleeve with a backer card. Considering its dimensions, it is approx. 3/4 inch wide x 1 inch tall [1.90 cm x 2.54 cm]. The patterns made on this pizza emoji skull lapel pin is beautiful and charming.

If you are a pizza lover, you can associate your love with this pizza-shaped pin with a mini skull on a topping. Its quality is highly supreme, and it has been made with a lot of decency. There are different colors on it, so your color lover tells us, is it not amazing?

You can use it for your bag pack and a denim jacket. Especially for a hat this winter. This pin will increase your fashion sense in a very cool and modern way. It’s a kind of funny fashion flair. You can surprise your friend with this great pizza emoji lapel pin’s delivery, or you can take it for yourself. We would recommend you to must try this.


Lapel Pins

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