Poop Emoji Necklace


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Any person who wants to buy a funny looking and interesting necklace can take a look at the poop emoji necklace. This is an ordinary necklace, which has a poop emoji attached to it in the form of a pendant. The poop emoji on this necklace looks just like the poop emoji that you have on your mobile as well. It comes along with a silver plated base. On top of that, this necklace is having an enamel coating. They make the necklace look unique and along-lasting.

Along with the necklace, you will be getting an 18-inch rope. Hence, wearing the necklace comfortably is not a major concern. This is a nickel free necklace, and you can buy it with confidence and use. There are other emojis in the collection as well. If you want those emojis along with the poop emoji, you may take a look at them.



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