Pizza Emoji Felt Hat


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If you’re looking for an adoughable fun and novelty hat for costume parties, marketing attire, carnivals, and parades, this U.S. Toy Pizza Hat will do the trick! Made from quality and bright colored felt textile, the construction of the hat is pretty solid and durable. It’s a real pizza work!


  • Made with felt pizza hat akin to a chef’s top
  • Done best hand-washed and air-dried
  • It’s bright, colorful, and fun to use at parties!

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions of the hat are 16.5 x 15.5 inches, with a thickness of about 0.36 inches
  • Item weight at 3 ounces
  • Recommended for teens and adults

You want a pizza this? Crust us, this solid hat brings all the attention to the user with its fun vibe. When caring for your hat, remember to hand-wash it than throwing it to the machine to tumble and dry. That way, it’ll preserve its longevity and usage. The hat is ideal for teens and adults. Younger ones might need some pinning to fit the head frame.

Whether it’s for personal use or a gift, people love how realistic this pepperoni and cheese pizza hat, and one will have fun wearing this on special occasions. Just doughn’t fall for its likeliness!


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