Blowing a Kiss Emoji Earmuffs


Yellow kissing emoji earmuffs measuring 5″ around the head

(29 customer reviews)

When winter’s chill comes around the corner, the Blowing a Kiss Emoji Earmuffs are the one thing you need! While they’re cute, they’re also functional. Our Blowing a Kiss Emoji Earmuffs are designed to keep you warm & toasty while also being a very stylish. Once you get these earmuffs, you’ll never take them off. Staying warm with these Kiss Emoji Printed Earmuffs won’t be difficult as they are made from high quality material that feels amazing on your ears and warm. These are sure to make any winter outfit complete – whether you’re dressing up for the holidays, walking the dog, or just staying cozy inside. Keep your ears warm all winter with these Blowing a Kiss emoji earmuffs!



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