Heart Eyes Emoji Patch – 2″ inches


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Want to make your casual wear look cooler? Want to make your older gear blend with the times? Get the cute and lovable Heart Eyes Emoji Patch. These HEART EYES EMOJI iron-on embroidered patches are perfect for sprucing up fabric-based clothing and accessories. They can bring new life to your old favorite clothes and make your new ones look cooler.

The Heart Eyes Emoji Patches immediately adds appeal to clothes and accessories since the Heart Eyes emoji is supposed to convey love, obsession or infatuation over someone or something. The Heart Eyes Emoji Patches are made from embroidered fabric that can be ironed on jeans, jackets, shirts, hats and bags. These 2” x 2” little patches of joy can add some dorbs points for you and whatever you ironed them onto. They’re also pretty inexpensive so you can iron them onto an entire ensemble.


Iron-on Patches

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