Fire Emoji Crew Socks (1 Pair)


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Feeling fiery? Express that while keeping your toes nice and toasty with the Flame Emoji Crew Socks (1 Pair) Function on your feet. These socks are black and feature the red and yellow fire emoji on them as a repeating pattern that extends from the toe line all the way up to the top of the socks. The flame emoji socks rise up to the mid-calf, so not only can they keep you quite warm, but they make a good choice for wearing with boots.

They are fashioned out of polyester, a material that is durable enough to easily be washed in the washing machine without causing any rips, tears or fraying. The polyester is also soft enough against the skin that it won’t irritate you if you have any sensitive skin issues. These fire emoji designed crew socks make the perfect addition to any collection of crazy socks and make a great gift for anyone you know who collects funny novelty socks.



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