Unicorn Poop Emoji Pink Crew Socks (1 Pair)


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Pink rainbow emoji unicorn socks features smiling face poop. These funny yet chic pop patterned socks are made up of cotton and polyamide, make them best for all moderate weathers. These are made up of 80% cotton, polyamide and spandex that make them super comfortable and stretchy. So its stretchy feature make these socks self-adjusting and welt cuff ensures the perfect fit so the socks do not loose and fall down.

These are soft and breathable and pink rainbow poop unicorn emoji make it perfect for girls and women. This pair of socks available from 6-12 sow size (women) and 8-13 socks size. Purple colored at ankle and yellow at toe make the design eclectic and can be worn with jeans, party and even formal outfits.

Features & Specifications:
• Material: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% spandex
• Pink rainbow colored poop emoji
• Soft, stretchable and breathable
• Welt cuff and self-adjusting
• Perfect for girls and women



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