Emoji Sunglasses (Kids Size)


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Show off your expressive side with a pair of these Emoji Sunglasses! Throw a party in your living room, become a rainbow in someone’s heart, or send a thumbs up to someone in need with this pair of emoji printed sunglasses. No matter what you have to say, there’s an emoji for it and it’s printed on these shades. Put a smile on your face and others with these sunglasses that have all the emojis you’re looking for. With many emoji faced designs, these shades will make life more bright and having you look very trendy. The Emoji Sunglasses are the most favorited pair of sunglasses cause of how animated the emojis right on your face.

Want to feel like the coolest one on the block? Then these Emoji Sunglasses are the ones to get! Perfect for everything from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, these sunglasses will make you the life of the party. Show off your emoji game with these fun new glasses!


Glasses & Sunglasses, Party Theme


Black Frame, White Frame, Black Frame Blue Lens, Black Frame Orange Lens

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