Emoji Stud Earrings, 36 Pairs


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Girls love earrings and other jewelry. Have you used these unique emoji stud earrings? Your friends will love your new look. This kit of Emoji stud earrings contains 36 pairs. All these are designed with unique shape and 100% high-quality material for girls of all ages. Exciting designs and shapes of the emoji make it stunning for all of the school going girls.

The studded emoji earrings is crafted with the Resin and alloy material. You can wear each pair daily for thirty-six days for your daily wearing. No doubt, these are exquisite and simple, and you can use these emoji earrings to describe your mood so tell about your emotions and feelings by using these earrings today.

Girls use these items in various styles, and you can use it at the school party or the gathering of your friends. It can be the best gift for your small girl on her birthday. No doubt, the bright yellow color on these emoji stud earrings is highly beautiful and will be adorable on her innocent look.



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