Emoji Fanny Pack


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Fanny packs are coming back in style, and you can blend the retro style of these accessories with the modern trends of emojis with the Emoji Styled Fanny Pack. This fanny pack features three zippered pockets that allows you to keep all of your belongings safe inside and within easy reach, located at the front, at the top and in the back. The hidden pocket in the seam allows you to store smaller items without them being detected as well. Each one of the compartments in the emoji designed fanny pack uses high quality zippers to ensure they stay closed and to eliminate the risk of breakage. The fanny pack with the multiple fun emoji faces boasts a one size fits all strap that can be adjusted to your size and will close around your waist using the durable buckle. Crafted out of high quality materials, this attention-grabbing emoji bag is ready to go wherever you go and can withstand all of the rough and tumble that comes with your daily adventures and parties.



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