Emoji Backpack


Cool, hip emoji backpack great for people of all ages with the following size: 16.5″*5.5*11.8″ (42*30*14cm). The emoji designed black backpack comes with: 1 x main pouch, 1 x front zipper pouch, 2 x side pocket, 1 x interlayer pouch, 1 x interior zipper pocket.

(35 customer reviews)

The ultimate way to show love to your emojis is to buy a great Emoji Backpack . There are multiple designs to go for, but the best part is that you can show off a vast range of emoji and have fun on the road. The Emoji Backpack has a ton of popular emoji and some new ones too. This is a very creative product and one that will definitely impress everyone out there with its nice quality and the fact that it looks and feels so nice when you use it. You do want to check it out, because it definitely brings in a huge value for money.

Aside from that, you also have a web ego handle, a top zip pocket and a front zip pocket, a main compartment, you even get 2 velcro side pockets. It can be great for carrying a laptop or any other product you love. At the end of the day, this is the type of product that will impress with the tremendous value for money and how incredible it really is. The attention to detail is nice, you have a ton of cool emoji and the Emoji Backpack is very practical and comfortable too!



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