Emoji 100 14K Gold Necklace


Each 100 emoji 14k gold chain is about 1.5″ X 1.0″ crafted from fine jewelry molds to create something authentic and bold. It’s the type of product that a lot of people love because it’s distinctive, fun and it constantly pushes the boundaries.

(29 customer reviews)

Do you want to show off your bling and emoji? Then you can easily combine the two with this pretty impressive 100 emoji 14k gold rope chain necklace. The best part about this is the return on investment and the overall attention to detail.

They even have a 24” rope chain that everyone will love just because it looks very nice and the quality of it all stands out of the crowd. It’s always important to try and push the boundaries, show off your ideas and come up with something new. The Emoji 100 14K Gold Necklace is one of those products that you really want to try out if you love emojis and want to express yourself in a nice way. That’s what you want to go for, and the quality is really good too.



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