Eggplant Emoji Backpack


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This children’s backpack with eggplant emoji is exceptionally lightweight and will be the perfect choice for school and travel. This large capacity fun emoji eggplant designed backpack allows you to store your personal belongings securely.

This Waterproof Eggplant Emoji Backpack is secure, lightweight, and is made of high-quality polyester fabric. The design of this backpack has beautiful contrast. Besides this, the back of this backpack has a black polyester cloth, which is resistant to dirt. The fabric of this backpack is breathable, making it the perfect solution for hot summer days
The straps of this emoji backpack comfortably fit your shoulders. Simultaneously, the strong belt of this eggplant backpack does not allow it to fall off easily. Along with this, you can quickly clean this eggplant emoji backpack by wash and dry to get a brand new look.

You can use this unique emoji eggplant styled backpack for different activities, including schooling, traveling, or fitness. This backpack has extensive storage, and all your things will be well-protected. So, this stylish and waterproof backpack is highly durable, easy to maintain, and is excellent for anyone away from home.



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