100 Emoji Iron On Patch


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Original Patches suitable for ironing or embroidery that can be sewn to the clothing or fabric piece you wish.
This patch style is a perfect garnish for skirts, shirts, jackets, caps, backpacks, and more! With this high-quality β€œKeep It 100 patch”, you can reflect your vibrant soul and attractive style on your denim pieces, belts, or sweaters.
This patch comes with an easy-to-use iron on the backing, or you might only get it sewn. Besides the Iron-on feature, you can use this Keep It Hundred Emoji patch for DIY crafts, decorations for your room as well.

Product Details:
The patch measures roughly 2 inches wide X 2 inches in length.
Totally embroidered and cotton thread

β€’ Set the Cotton-Linen feature for home iron.
β€’ Put the patch on the side of the fabric glue down.
β€’ Shield with a thin white sheet or with a pillowcase.
β€’ With home iron, put the heat on the patch for 25-35 seconds.

β€’ Wash gently in cold water and turn the shirt or pants the patch is sewed or ironed inside out.
β€’ We recommend you not to put the fabric with the patch in a dryer.


Iron-on Patches

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