Unicorn Emoji Portable Charger (iPhone & Android)


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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your battery is running low, and you really needed to charge up your device, but your regular charger got spoilt? If yes, you can testify that situations like this can be very frustrating. Is that right? Oh yes!

Lots of times, we get disappointed by the regular chargers we make use of, and that is why it is crucial that you get a quality charger for your device. One of such quality chargers is the Unicorn emoji portable charger. With this unicorn charger, you can charge your device at any time without being disappointed. Below are some of the features of the unicorn emoji portable charger.

Features of the Unicorn emoji portable charger

The Unicorn emoji portable charger has many features. Some of them are as follows:

It is portable

Do you need a charger that you can conveniently take along with you anywhere you go? If yes, then the unicorn emoji portable charger is perfect for you. It is very portable, and you can always take it along with you.

It is beautifully designed

This emoji charger is very beautiful. It has a design of a unicorn on the body of the charger. This design makes the charger look appealing to the eyes.


Portable Charger

13 reviews for Unicorn Emoji Portable Charger (iPhone & Android)

  1. Sarah King

    Son loved these emoji items. Cute design.

  2. Lois Thomas

    Would definitely buy my emoji stuff here again.

  3. Arthur Cooper

    I absolutely love these!

  4. Shane Jenkins

    This is one of the most-chosen prizes from my raffle prize box in my middle school classroom! Must reorder soon.

  5. Larry Richardson

    love it’s worth the money and free for fast shipping. perfect gifts for any occasion

  6. Johanna Sutton

    Kids and adults wanted them. Good quality and price.

  7. Tina Morgan

    Good buy! Kids love them! Good deal!

  8. Margart Chun

    Bought as a gift for kid with emoji theme bedroom. Nice addition.

  9. Sharon Lee

    Loved! Absolutely hysterical! Gave as a gift.

  10. Bettyann Bledsoe

    I purchased for my grandson.

  11. Edra Cousins

    They are little gems.

  12. Paul Coleman

    Everybody loved them. Great size.

  13. Tonja Bullock

    The good: they’re cute. The yellow is bright. They seem fairly durable. They’re cheap.

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