Poop Emoji Portable Charger


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There are many times when you can end up without phone battery, and in that case you need a really good power bank like poop emoji designed power bank. It’s a pretty cool product that will impress with its features and the great value. It works very well for Android or iOS devices, and it even comes with a dedicated cable. You will also notice that the poop emoji power bank charger works with the MP4 devices, which is a major plus.

In regards to the power that you get here, you are receiving quite a bit for the money. This will have 2600 mAh. You won’t get a full charge out of it, but it will offer the boost you need to continue a call and then charge your phone when you get home. Plus, the thing that really matters here is how this product really looks. The poop emoji power bank charger just unlike any other stuff out there, it’s cool and different and worthy of being in your collection of gadgets and tools you use every day.


Portable Charger

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