Blowing a Kiss Emoji Portable Charger


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We live in an era in which we’re always connected to smart gadgets. So, it is only natural to look for a reliable external battery pack. We have the perfect recommendation for you that you’ll be able to use with Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, and HTC! The Blowing a Kiss portable external battery pack is a fashionable device designed from durable materials. It comes in the shape of the Blowing a Kiss Emoji, and we believe this is an interesting collectible you can take with you everywhere.

A fancy emoji external battery can match any other gadgets you might have, especially since it comes with a cute Blowing a Kiss emoji design. This is a 220 mAh Power Bank with a charging cable you can use on the go. The connector is Micro USB, so that you can use it with ease with most devices. This battery bank is lightweight and durable, allowing you to use it with ease.


Portable Charger

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