Fujifilm Emoji Instax Mini Film (10-Pack)


Pack of 10 mini film for the Fujifilm camera

(23 customer reviews)

The FujiFilm Emoji Film stands out because it offers you a unique way to add in beautiful emoji to your pictures. If you use a Fujifilm camera and you’re looking for a cool mini film that you want to use and enjoy, the FujiFilm Emoji Film is definitely here to assist. This great package is full of amazing emoji characters that will add a lot of fun and flair to your characters. If you are very passionate about emoji or you just want to express yourself through some amazing characters, then this is the right product for you. It’s unique, different and it manages to show off your talent in a great way.

There are 10 different emoji focused films, each one with its fair share of unique emotions to be shown without a problem. If you love emojis and you are using a Fujifilm camera, then this product is a must-have, so just give it a try and check it out, we guarantee that you will have a very good experience.



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