Smiley Emoji Wireless Mouse


Emoji wireless curved mouse connects via USB receiver
For all laptop and desktop support USB 2.0

(23 customer reviews)

Make using your PC a bit more enjoyable with the help of our awesome new smiley with sunglasses computer mouse. A creative, charming design that should give you something a bit brighter to click down as you browse the web, carry out busywork, or simply enjoy some video gaming.

  • Impressive 2.4 GHz mouse with a light, mobile frame that makes it easy to carry around.
  • Wireless, so easy to use even when you are sitting away from the computer.
  • Smart, silent clicks so you need not wake anyone up with late-night browsing.
  • Adjustable DPI setting so that your mouse moves as quickly or as slow as you would prefer.
  • Stylish optical mouse that is sure to make your day-to-day PC usage so much simpler.
  • A perfect gift for any collector of PC peripherals or for someone working on-the-go.

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