Emoji AirPods Skin Sticker


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Are you the type of person who likes spending days listening to music? Or maybe you prefer listening to audiobooks? That’s why many of us decide to use headphones on daily basis. But, given that regular headphones can often be annoying for use, nowadays, many of us decide to use AirPods. Yes, AirPods are really great, easy to use, etc. But, let’s be honest- their looks are boring!

Luckily that is something that can be modified. With this emoji AirPod skin sticker, you can transform your regular, white AirPods into something more unique and fun. With this AirPod emoji skin, besides being happy whenever you take a look at your Emoji-covered AirPods, you can be sure that nobody will accidentally take your AirPods, thinking that they are theirs. Forget about your old, boring AirPods, and make them original with this Emoji AirPod Skin Sticker!


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