New Emoji Release: The Period Emoji!

Period Menstruation Emoji

Plan International UK has recently introduced a new ‘bloody brilliant’ emoji and it is making new waves across the internet.

Plan International UK, which advocates for the rights of women and children, has been lobbying their efforts towards eliminating the stigma associated with women’s menstruation period. Finally, the organization has unveiled an emoji which symbolizes women’s menstruation period and is meant to convey the message that period is all natural and is not something that women should be ashamed of.

But The Emoji Did Not Happen Overnight…

After they found out that 48% of girls and women in the UK aged 14 to 21 feel embarrassed by their periods, the nonprofit organization started its efforts on the emoji in 2017. The group came up with various designs – a sanitary pad with a blood stain, smiling blood droplets, a monthly calendar with drops of blood, and a uterus – and organized a popular voting for the design. The period pants came out to be the most popular choice. However, Unicode Consortium, the body responsible for maintaining and regulating emojis, has rejected the design.


Plan International UK then decided to partner with the U.K. government’s blood and organ group, the NHS Blood and Transplant and together came up with a new design proposal. The new design, a red blood droplet has eventually won the approval of the Unicode Consortium.

Many believe that the new emoji is a revolutionary step towards the stigma concerning menstrual periods. While some would say that emojis are minor, they are effective as conversation starters. And, the first essential step towards ending the shame surrounding periods is talking about it.

On the flip side of the coin, some, including founder and executive director for Flo Code, Lamanda Ballard, is rather disappointed with the Unicode’s choice. The emoji was referred to as only a half measure and does not entirely represent the reality about menstruation.

Still, the new emoji is essentially a good start. It’s a great move to eliminate menstruation embarrassment, and there’s still definitely a long way to go to champion this cause.


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